About FPC Brewer

If you are searching...

We believe God cares for all mankind and has a plan and purpose for each and every person.

Because we believe God cares and has a plan, we wish to provide the means and place for all to connect with Him and with others who also have this common belief.

We believe that by serving God with all of our heart and with a heart that cares we can better reveal God’s heart for humanity as a whole.

We believe we reveal God’s heart by serving God and serving others.


For not just a house...

We believe that a church that cares has the ability to help all connect for the greater good of others.

We truly believe love never fails.

We believe that Gods greatest virtue, love, was manifest in what He did, not in what He did not do. He expressed His great love by His Great Sacrifice.

So, it is our belief that our greatest identity should not be in what we do not do, but rather in what we do!

But a Home!

We believe from the Golden Rule to the Great Commission that we are best known by what we do.

The Golden Rule begins with, “Do unto others...”.

The Great Commission states, “Go ye into all the  world...”.

As Christians, our lives are often characterized by what we do not do. Yet, our greatest identity should not be what we don't do, but in what we do for others.

We believe loving and serving is fulfilling God's plan and purpose. We believe First Pentecostal Church is a place where each individual's personal potential can be fully realized.


Our Vision

Our vision is to provide the heart, the means, and the mechanisms through which hearts that care can manifest and fulfill their God calling while/by serving others. Our VISION is a church at large doing the full work of the Kingdom by serving others as we have been served.

Our mission is to reach and equip as many as possible with the Gospel.

We believe in putting God first and allowing Him to be the center of our daily life.